“Hello 911 all the lights are flickering in my house”

“Sorry ma’am you appear to be in the first 5 minutes of a supernatural episode, there’s nothing we can do for you”

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'why are you sitting in the dark' excuse you I've been sitting here all day and it got dark around me I did not choose this

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what she says: im fine
what she means: castiel and dean are meeting tonight for the first time since dean became a demon
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"what’s a queen without her king?" well, historically, better

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I’m not even sorry. 

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that’s my secret, Cap. I’m always sad about Dean Winchester.

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Anonymous: I wish I could be as excited as you are about canon destiel, but every time someone gives a reason for why they are so positive, they always add, "Unless there is interference from the network or the actors, it's going to happen" and that always causes me to see Jensen standing there in front of the writers, arm crossed, with a huge stop sign in glowing red letters refusing to let destiel be canon. I just don't share the confidence people have in Jensen to let the writers tell this story.


What I said was, “And if they have the space, budget, actor participation, and network support to make this story happen….”

I was merely making a point about queerbaiting, in which there has to be a deliberate intention to mislead. I firmly believe that canon Destiel is part of the story we’re being told by the writers, while allowing for the fact that network television is a complicated thing. If they say, “We were going to make Destiel canon but then XYZ happened and it was out of our control,” then it’s still not queerbaiting because their intentions were to canonize it before XYZ happened.

And no, I don’t think Jensen Ackles would stand in the way of Destiel. He’s got a terrible reputation when it comes to this, but it’s largely undeserved. There are only so many nice, considerate, fan-sensitive ways you can say, “Dean and Cas share a profound bond but I can’t tell you anything about where we’re going with that specifically because if I out Dean as bisexual and in love with Cas during a convention I will probably get fired,” before you just start to repeat yourself. 

That would be a major spoiler along the lines of Jennifer Aniston saying in an interview during the height of the Friends craze, “Oh, by the way, Rachel is still in love with Ross and we just filmed a great little scene where she gets off the plane to France so she can stay with him.” It’s not gonna happen. The only way we’re ever going to get confirmation of Destiel is from the actual show, nobody is allowed to confirm it at a convention. It takes the shine off it, especially when such a large part of the fanbase is invested in seeing it happen.

Misha Collins doesn’t get nearly the amount of shit Jensen does for avoidance of Destiel questions, and he’s the guy who intentionally misunderstood a fan question about “canon” and made jokes about being aerodynamic. He’s just better at it. He’s better at avoiding and misinterpreting and giving non-answers. But even Misha still has moments where he has to search for exactly the right word that confirms nothing and yet isn’t a lie. 

When you take the fans who think they deserve confirmation because they have no idea how network TV works (the concept of a will-they-or-won’t-they viewerbait relationship is not new or difficult to understand, people), and you put those fans in a room with a guy who has to confirm nothing in order to keep his bosses happy but isn’t really good at public speaking, you get the fandom-wide interpretation that Jensen Ackles hates Destiel.

May I remind you that he’s already played a character who has a sexual relationship with his male best friend in Blonde? Clearly he has no personal moral qualms about the concept. Jesus Christ people, if you want proof that he knows Destiel is a thing and doesn’t hate it, watch the show

Watch Dean interact with John, watch Dean cradle Sam’s dying body and scream his name, watch that beautiful emotional breakdown in the season two finale, and then tell me that Jensen Ackles is not an Oscar-quality actor who knows how to tell a story and has a deeply-felt love for the character of Dean Winchester.

Look at how present he always is in a scene. Even if he has no lines, he’s always inhabiting Dean, and he knows why Dean does everything he does. This is the guy who offhandedly headcanoned that Dean probably turned tricks to feed Sam, a fact that will never be disclosed in the show but indicates that he knows way more about Dean’s internal life than is portrayed onscreen. 

And then try to tell me that all the Dean/Cas scenes were accidental, or not played that way, or that every bi!Dean moment outside of Cas was an accident. Tripping over a table as he blustered out the door because a cute guy hit on Dean was an accident? 

Jensen Ackles actively plays Dean as a repressed effemiphobe who draws strength from displays of traditional manhood, and has walked us through nine full seasons of that armor being stripped away to reveal the actual Dean. He’s the one responsible for every time Dean silently eye-fucks Cas, the awkward badge-slide of “Oh god this cute boy is hitting on me,” the quality of Dean’s voice every time he tells Cas he needs him.

Maybe he didn’t play it that way in say, seasons 4 and 5, but we are in season 10, folks. He’s talked to Misha, talked to the writers, talked to fans, and is still playing the Dean and Cas relationship with as much electricity as Cas’ first appearance. On purpose.

I mean, obviously I don’t know him personally and have no outside confirmation of any of these claims. But I know when I’m being told a quality story by a quality actor. The fact that he kinda sucks at public speaking doesn’t change that. 

When he gets the script that includes the stage direction “Dean and Castiel kiss,” he will not be surprised. He is the main caretaker and cultivator, and the biggest fan and protector, of the character of Dean Winchester.


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Alessandro Della Bella (Switzerland) Supermoon

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anime prince, prince anime

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Little PSA from yours truly....


Copy pasta’d from my cosplay page…

Just saying, if you randomly critique a persons cosplay without solicitation, you’re kinda a jerk. No one deserves your random comment on what is inaccurate with their cosplay unless they ASK. Ten to one, a cosplayer already knows…

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(plays the guitar)

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero Ano y Felicidad

(aggressively headbangs)


a flourishing anus and happiness for you too


Why Accent Marks Are Important In Spanish
Lesson 1

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I can’t wait to take my kids to the Euclase Exhibit at the museum some day

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